Focus Areas


Years of Experience

A lot

What Makes TVAR Solutions Different

Quality people of substance

Past Companies and Positions

Sr. Director Federal Sales – VERITAS Software, DOD Sales – Silicon Graphics

Alma Mater

Mechanical Engineering University of Maryland, MBA Marymount University

Favorite Sports Teams

Terrapins, Nationals, Redskins, Capitals

Favorite Type of Food

Crabs: Steamed, Soft-shell or Cakes

Top 3 Podcasts, Music and Movies

Dan Carlins Hardcore History Podcast, Blues & Vintage Country Music, Godfather I & II Movies

Favorite Vacation Spot

On my boat docked at a tidal island on the Assawoman Bay

Most Important Lesson You’ve Learned

Listen before you sell. Early in my career, I made a first call on a DOD customer. My appointment was at 1 PM and I waited outside his office for two hours at which point he pulled me into a big conference room and sat me down. The first and only word out of his mouth was “What?” I replied “What?, What?” He said, “You have been sitting outside my office for two hours, what do you want to sell me?” “Nothing”, I replied. “How can I sell you something if I don’t know what your problems are?” To this, he bellowed. “Finally a F*’n Salesman has come to see me!” He is still a customer and friend today.