Focus Areas

Accounting with a focus on Accounts Payable

Past Companies and Positions

Accountant and Customer Service

Alma Mater

Southern Oregon University

Years of Experience

10+ in Customer Service and Accounting

What makes TVAR Solutions different?

Commitment to Quality, Customer Satisfaction, and Employee Satisfaction and Retention.

In another life, I’m pretty sure I was…

A Mathematician and Statistician

Favorite restaurant or type of food

African, South Asian, Asian and South American Cuisines

Top 3 Podcasts/books/albums/movies

The Convent of Water, Bible, Marvel Universe Movies

Not many people know that I…

Ran Track in in Primary and Secondary School

Most important lesson you’ve learned

Life is a journey of hills and valleys. Even the darkest and steepest valley cannot rob you of the hope that this too shall pass.