Focus Areas

Civilian VP and Partner

Past Companies & Positions

Management Positions at GTSI, Dell, Symantec, and Veritas

Alma Mater

University of Maryland College Park

Years of Experience

25+……getting older, not necessarily wiser

What Makes TVAR Solutions Different?

We are a company that values the skills and experiences of our employees and involves them in company strategy.

In Another Life, I’m Pretty Sure I Was…

A nomadic warrior wreaking havoc

Favorite Type of Food

Unfair question, I love all food

When I’m not at Work, I…

Am at a soccer field or basketball court watching my kids play

Not Many People Know That I…

Played in a preliminary soccer game at RFK Stadium before the NY Cosmos & the legendary Pele played the Washington Diplomats

Favorite Vacation Spot

Beaches in the Caribbean…

Most Valuable Lesson You’ve Learned

In sales, it is so much more important to listen to your customer and to understand the issues and challenges they face. When you do that, rather than approach it with a preconceived product in mind, the customer views you in a consultative capacity and tends to share more about what is really important to them.