Focus Areas


Past Companies and Positions

DoD Account Manager – BMC Software, SafeNet Assured Technologies, BreakingPoint Systems, Spirent Federal Systems

Alma Mater

Lynchburg College

Years of Experience

30 years in the IT industry

What Makes TVAR Solutions Different

TVAR Solutions is a trusted advisor to its technology partners and government customers 

Most Valuable Sales Experience

Being a Systems Engineer before moving into sales.  

Favorite Sports Team

Washington Capitals

Favorite Type of Food


When I’m not at work I…

am working on a project around the house or spending time with my family.

Celebrity Doppelgänger

John Stewart

Favorite App


Top 3 Podcasts, Music and Movies

Foo Fighters, Soundgarden, Bush

Not many people know that I…

am a musician

Favorite Vacation Spot