TVAR Solutions Announces a demonstration of hybridizing and repatriating AWS workloads

TVAR Solutions Announces a demonstration of hybridizing and repatriating AWS workloads using AppScale and Dell at the Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations and Cloud Strategies Conference 2021

The future does lie in the cloud, but not necessarily in the public cloud alone. You can build hybrid architectures that deliver the full flexibility and scalability of the public cloud with Dell’s Flex-On-Demand, and AppScale’s AWS compatible infrastructure software without the expense, performance challenges, and compliance headaches of solutions that lock you to public cloud vendors. Dell’s Flex-On-Demand allows customers to order, implement and use Dell’s technology on a pay-for-capacity use basis and without the encumbrances of a CAPEX acquisition process. Combine this with Appscale’s native AWS APIs and customers now have the ability to create their own private AWS Regions and, if desired, move back and forth to the AWS public cloud with no refactoring.

About TVAR Solutions

TVAR Solutions was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in McLean, Va. TVAR Solutions is a small business information technology value added reseller that markets exclusively to the Federal Government and its system integrator partners. TVAR Solutions aims to provide innovative solutions that address complex computing infrastructure challenges. For more information, please visit

About AppScale

AppScale’s independent, AWS-compatible IaaS offering enables service providers to create portfolio differentiation, address customer hybrid challenges, and accelerate revenue growth. Enterprises embracing AppScale will be able to deploy AWS workloads anywhere with no code modification – allowing them to maintain independence, enhance data control, and reduce costs. To learn more, visit

About Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations & Cloud Strategies Conference 2021

The Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations & Cloud Strategies Conference 2021, taking place December 6-8, focuses on key topics for infrastructure and operations (I&O) leaders, including how to embrace change and serve evolving enterprise needs through optimizing workloads, maximizing efficiency, and building resilient systems and teams.


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