We truly value our customers. When we requested feedback from them, here is what they said:

“We do business with TVAR because the entire team is a good business partner.  You have the best communications, always willing to answer questions, will research things and not nag us about buying them. You guys work hard to have the best pricing and quote us even when you know you will not be. You are looking out for our interest introducing new products and comparison products. But my real reason is the team and your communication.  It is personal and makes you feel like family.” -Federal Systems Integrator

1) Why do you do business with TVAR?   

Too many words (all positive) to list. But this tops all. TVAR GETS THE JOB DONE. 

2) What value do you get from working with us?  

I will get what I needed on time, every time. Simple as that. 100% satisfaction, every time.

-HHS NIH Customer

I think TVAR is absolutely a valued and trusted partner and often times in the end it’s not so much in what someone says but what they do, it’s in their actions. TVAR is nothing short of a pleasure to work with on program always trying to put the customer/client’s needs first, always responsive, dependable, and willing to stretch to support when we need to surge or fulfill last minute requests and/or requirements as an extension of our own team. Again, a real trusted partner through actions. Much appreciated.-Federal Systems Integrator

Reasons why I do business with TVAR include:

  1. No high-pressure sales tactics.
  2. Just the right frequency of keeping in touch (not too much, not too little). Often I am asked if I would be interested in a particular vendor/product, and if I say no, it is not brought up again.
  3. Sales person consistency – I’ve worked with the same sales person for about 16 years now (while I worked for two different organizations). The vast majority of companies I work with seem to have high sales person turnover which makes it difficult to develop a working relationship.
  4. Related to #s 1 and 3, almost every conversation begins with topics outside of work – what we are up to, what are kids are doing, current events, etc…
  5. Vendor-agnostic – TVAR wants to help us find the right solution for us, and does not push any particular product. They do, however, tend to have relationships with all or most of the vendors I am interested in. 
  6. Competitive prices – TVAR works to bring the best value (price + product) to us every time, and offers extremely competitive pricing on renewals.
  7. Works with vendors and my team both before and after the sale to address any issues or concerns.
  8. TVAR has taken the time to form a working relationship with our main contractors.

-Federal Systems Integrator

“TVAR is a small business with the expertise and resources of a large business.  They are always there to support us with solutions at any given moment.  They just get stuff done! The account team is there for us at any hour of the day and any day of the week.  I know I can call my Account Executive on a Saturday evening and my call will be answered.  TVAR is extremely responsive!”-Federal Systems Integrator