Information sharing is vital to your agency but becomes very challenging when it involves

  • people or organizations with different security levels
  • classifications
  • operating requirements

However, the rapid pace of modern application and protocol changes, combined with the long tedious certification process for guards, makes it extremely difficult to obtain the necessary level of data and information sharing in today‚Äôs high-speed digital environment. 

What is needed is a low-cost approach that

  • expedites the certification process
  • combines the security and certification of high-assurance guards with the flexibility of a universal translator

TVAR Solutions and CA Technologies have joined forces to deliver the preferred Commercial of the shelf (COTS) based, adaptable, secure, and optimized cross-domain solutions to government agencies and commercial vendors that demand this functionality.  

This next generation solution reduces the complexity and allows certified guards to be implemented at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional custom solutions.