McAfee: Offering Adaptive Security for the Modern, Cloud-Native Federal Workforce

US Federal agencies need to guarantee that the products they use meet their required security criteria, perform at or above expectations, and integrate with existing technology. As a trusted partner to the US federal government, McAfee is a well known solution providing software designed to mitigate risk, protect data and ensure visibility across all devices, platforms and architectures. Each agency’s mission is different and unique. By offering threat intelligence, security visibility and cloud solutions, this solution-provider stands well above similar solutions as a security industry leader.

As a well established and trusted cybersecurity partner across the federal marketplace, you can find McAfee at all four branches of the US military, three branches of the U.S. government, and all cabinet-level agencies. Overall, McAfee focuses on protecting data and stopping threats within the architectural control points of modernized cybersecurity environments – the device and cloud. Security Operations it utilized to provide continuous analytics, management, automation and orchestration, all with an open, proactive, intelligence-driven approach.

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