November 6, 2019

Today we teamed up with NETSCOUT at the USDA Tech Expo in Kansas City

Learn more about NETSCOUT and TVAR Solutions’ partnership here.

November 6, 2019

We represented CA Technologies at the IRS Tech Expo today

Learn more about CA Technologies and TVAR Solutions’ partnership here. The IRS Tech Expo was put on by FBC in 2019.

October 31, 2019

Enjoyed teaming up with Tripwire at the Library of Congress Cyber Expo yesterday

At the Congress Cyber Expo, Aaron and our friends at Tripwire teamed up to exhibit in Washington, DC. Some agencies that were in attendance included the Department of Commerce, Department of Education, Department of Energy, and others. The Congress Cyber Expo is held yearly during Cybersecurity Awareness Month (in October).

September 5, 2019

Double duty today at the Ft. Belvoir Tech Expo with our partners Automation Anywhere and Veritas!

We exhibited alongside our partners Veritas and Automation Anywhere with not one – but two booths at the Ft. Belvoir Tech Expo this week!

August 16, 2019

Good luck to our Summer Intern Gina as she heads off to UVA next week! We know you’ll go on to do great things; was such a pleasure working with you!

Special thanks to Gina for joining TVAR Solutions for the summer! Gina assisted the team over the 2019 summer season. And we watched her grow professionally over the months! It was such a pleasure working with her, and we are excited to see where life takes her as she goes off to UVA (The University […]