Simplify your edge with Dell & TVAR

Generate more value where speed matters

If edge computing isn’t already part of your business strategy, it should be.

Edge computing is rapidly becoming a key differentiator across every industry.

In a data-driven world, transporting large quantities of data from its source to a centralized data center or cloud is both costly and inefficient. When computing resources are moved closer to the point where data is generated and consumed, your business can:

  • Drive transformation
  • Enable future innovation
  • Increase responsiveness
  • Reduce costs

With the right technology in place, businesses across all industries can rapidly harness edge data and unlock new competitive advantages.

Overcoming Challenges

Edge computing will have an impact on every agency, but before it can, there are universal challenges enterprises must overcome. As the number of intelligent devices (and the data they create) continues to rise, agencies need to act with speed and at scale to build out valuable edge infrastructure—all while remaining secure.

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