Focus Areas

Account Executive, Army, OPM, EPA, Peace Corps, Labor, Education

Past Companies and Positions

Impres Technology, Four Points Technology

Alma Mater

Hahnemann University

Years of Experience


What Makes TVAR Solutions Different

The culture at TVAR is amazing!

In Another Life, I’m Pretty Sure I Was…

Cleopatra – or so I’ve been told by 3 psychics stopping me on the street.

Favorite Sports Teams

Philadelphia Phillies

When I’m Not At Work, I…

Spend time with my family

Top 3 Movies

Paradise Road, The Color Purple, The Godfather

Favorite App


Not Many People Know That I

Traveled Europe singing

Celebrity Doppleganger

When I was younger I would get Val Kilmer a lot. Now we’re both overweight, so it probably still applies.

Most Important Lesson You’ve Learned

Listen! Take the time to listen to the customer. Ask questions. Don’t try to walk in with a product if you don’t know they have a need!