Providing risk-based security and compliance management solutions, enabling government agencies to effectively connect security to their business

Tripwire provides foundational security controls ranging from security configuration management to vulnerability management to web application scanning to file integrity monitoring, and more. This organization’s software offers visibility, and security business intelligence, allowing federal organizations to protect sensitive data from breaches, vulnerabilities, and threats. Stop attacks, upgrade operations and prove compliance by utilizing the foundational controls for cyber integrity: Tripwire.

Tripwire Federal Overview:

Tripwire has been a strategic partner to the U.S. federal government for over 20 years, helping thousands of federal customers improve their cybersecurity. TVAR Solutions provides a variety of security solutions for the federal government with pride knowing this tried and true solution provider.

Tripwire provides the essential cybersecurity platform that enables agencies to see, decide and operate with confidence while meeting requirements established by independent frameworks and regulatory standards. These award-winning cyber integrity solutions are used across the DoD, intelligence agencies and nearly every civilian federal department, independent agency, as well as the legislative and judicial branches. Learn how federal agencies are operating with confidence here.

Tripwire TVAR Solutions - Partnership

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