PowerProtect DD Series Appliances

DD series enables your organization to protect, manage and recover data at scale. As the next generation of Dell Data Domain appliances, DD series sets the bar for efficient data management from edge to core to cloud and includes the ecosystem support and comprehensive data protection that customers have come to appreciate from Data Domain.

Energy efficiency on Dell Storage. Dell is committed to improving energy efficiency in our storage portfolio with each generation.

Compelling storage for general purpose workloads

Simplify your digital transformation path with Dell Unity XT hybrid flash arrays (HFAs). These storage systems are ideal for running general purpose workloads that do not require the low latencies and speed of all flash/NVMe architectures. With Unity XT HFAs, you’ll never have to compromise performance, efficiency, features or outcomes. These arrays bring high availability with dual-active controllers, simplicity with intuitive management and affordability with an all-inclusive software model that makes Unity XT HFAs easy to acquire and own.