Powerful and Flexible Object Storage

Dell EMC ECS (Elastic Cloud Storage) provides web-scale, public cloud priced storage on-premises that empowers use cases such as line-of-business applications, websites, mobile apps, IoT data stores, analytics initiatives, long-term archives, and much more.

Dell’s ECS is the leading object-storage platform engineered to support both traditional and next-generation workloads. ECS is deployable in a software-defined model or as a quick turnkey appliance. Boasting unbeatable resilience, manageability, scaleability, and economics that meet the demands of modern federal business. Ranging from 12 disks per node up to 90 disk drives per node – Dell’s ECS is unmatched when it comes to storage and raw capacity.

ECS (Elastic Cloud Storage) EX Series Platform Options

DellEMC ECS (Elastic Cloud Storage) EX300
  • ECS EX300
    • Starter Edition: Lowers object storage adoption entry barriers with 60TB starting cluster options. Offers the ability to grow to exabyte- scale. This option is the perfect sandbox for in- house, cloud-native, mobile and web application storage. The ECS EX300 is the optimal system to modernize existing Centera or Atmos deployments.
  • ECS EX500
    • The Perfect Blend of Economy and Density: The EX500 injects even greater flexibility into the ECS appliance portfolio. With a rack capacity offering 480TB to 4.6BP, this option provides a versatile option for midsized federal enterprises. The EX500 supports modern applications and deep archive use cases as well.
  • ECS EX3000
    • Large Scale High Density Edition: Providing a high density object storage system, the EX3000 boasts up to 8.6PB per rack. This system can easily grow into an exabyte-scale. The EX3000 offers the ideal platform for long-term retention, multi-purpose object storage requirements, storage consolidation, archive workloads, and HDFS.
DellEMC ECS (Elastic Cloud Storage)

Dell’s ECS reveals the potential of federal organizations, powering critical use cases such as line-of-business applications, internet of things data stores, mobile applications, websites, analytical initiatives, deep-rooted archives, and more! 

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