Introducing Veritas APTARE

Unified IT Analytics for Hybrid and Multi Clouds

Exploding data growth and indiscriminate backups can strain overburdened IT resources. Without metrics and usage visibility across complex IT environments there’s an even larger strain. Veritas APTARE provides better infrastructure management with the help of IT analytics.

You may be wondering how can Veritas APTARE help? Can it help? APTARE knows what you need to optimize your complex IT environment. Do you? Data growth, backup strain, compliance and capacity requirements are just a few challenges IT departments face. Take a moment to ask yourself some questions. You may ask yourself:

• How much storage capacity do we have?
• Who’s consuming storage and at what rate?
• How can we avoid over provisioning storage and buying more too soon?
• Were backups completed successfully and did they meet compliance requirements?
• What are our risks?

This solution is an extensible platform offering unified insights for multi-vendor backup, storage and virtual infrastructure in heterogeneous IT environments. APTARE offers unmatched, comprehensive IT analytics. The solution delivers actionable insights through a single-pane-of-glass across on-premises and hybrid and multi cloud environments. If you are utilizing DellEMC for storage, vmWare for cloud, and Veritas for backup – Veritas can assist. Veritas APTARE provides unified IT analytics with ANY cloud, ANY storage, and ANY backup platform utilized.

Veritas APTARE provides unified IT analytics with ANY cloud, ANY storage, and ANY backup platform utilized.

With Veritas APTARE IT Analytics you can:

  • Reduce and Optimize storage and costs.
  • Mitigate risk to meet service-level agreements (SLAs).
  • Streamline backup compliance.
  • Gain visibility into storage and backup performance and integrity.
  • Implement chargeback for storage, backup and virtualization.

New in APTARE IT Analytics 10.4

Expanded capabilities to meet Public Sector Compliance:

  • VPAT Section 508
  • FIPS 140-2
  • IPV6
  • 2FA

Expansion of Core and Customer Commits:

  • Core internal updates to improve product security (Java 11,J axp(b), Open LDAP, Pen Testing, Threat Modeling
  • Performance enhancements, single sign-on and SML support

New and Enhanced Collections:

  • Veritas NetBackup Appliance (CPUs, Power Supply, Fans, Temperature, Internal Disks, etc)
  • Networker 9.2.1, Nakivo 9.1.1 & HPE Nimble

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