InfoScale: The software-defined bridge between tier-one applications and infrastructure.

Highly available, enterprise-proven storage virtualization software

A software-defined infrastructure built for the largest, most demanding federal organizations that can’t compromise on security, performance and availability. InfoScale easily spans the physical, virtual and cloud.

  • Give your most critical databases and BI apps the high performance and availability they demand
  • Easily extend your storage environment to the cloud
  • Match your storage and costs to the various needs of your enterprise

View the Forrester Total Economic Impact Report on Veritas InfoScale conducted on a financial service sector based firm with 200,000 full time employees, and $50 billion in annual revenue.

InfoScale offers a storage environment designed for optimal workload performance and availability. With Veritas and TVAR Solutions, you can enable your agency’s enterprise applications to perform at its best. InfoScale does this by:

  • Ensuring apps recover quickly from disruptions or outages with high-availability clustering technology.
  • Enabling local, metro, or global disaster recovery in case of severe unforeseen circumstances.
  • Optimizing your storage per workload to maintain required performance while minimizing ongoing costs.
Veritas InfoScale is a Gartner recognized leader in SDS Management.

InfoScale offers easy migration and integration with all major public cloud platforms.

Greatly reduce expenses while maximizing application uptime by easily migrating your enterprise apps and data to the cloud—on your terms. Used as either a storage target, optimizing data placement, or a platform for your applications, Veritas plus the cloud forms an ideal, integrated platform to propel your federal agency forward.

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Veritas InfoScale is a trusted product amongst the U.S Federal Government.