Another Happy Happy Hour!

The TVAR Team had another great outing in Leesburg this week! Those pictured were the remnants of the after party.

We cannot suggest Barnhouse Brewery more as the spot to grab a local growler from.

Dave Saunders – Another Milestone in Life

Big 60 Balloons for David Saunders, CEO of TVAR Solutions

Dave Saunders, the fearless CEO of TVAR Solutions for over 15 years has hit an important milestone in life. It’s not every day you turn 60. We were excited to celebrate this time of year with Dave, he was quite surprised when he walked into the office.

The Hot Chocolate Saga Continues at TVAR Solutions

Peppermint Hot Chocolate Bombs, Sea Salt Caramel Hot Chocolate Bombs, Hot Chocolate on a Stick, and TVAR Solutions Mugs

The cold weather is still ever present in the DMV area. What’s the best way to beat the cold? Hot chocolate of course. Today at TVAR we tried a few new beverages in our quest for the best hot chocolate. We had our Office Manager Grace whip up some of her famous hot cocoa bombs, and tried hot chocolate pops from PopBar! We tried multiple flavors ranging from White Chocolate to Peppermint.

While there wasn’t a clear winner this taste testing round, we did agree that a hot chocolate bomb was more fulfilling in comparison to the stick. When you have a hot chocolate bomb you get to watch it sink and be overtaken by the hot milk. We found flaws and admirable features in both options. But at the end of the day, nothing beats a mug of hot cocoa straight from the Swiss Miss packet. With Swiss Miss, you know exactly what you’re getting!

The hot cocoa bomb in action. This one is sea salt caramel!
Watching it melt down and sink into the cup is a wonderful feeling. This bomb was peppermint themed.

More Bubbling Hot Cocoa News:

Swiss Miss or Cafe Escapes Hot Chocolate?

Try Them Out For Yourself:

Hot Chocolate Sticks from Popbar on Amazon

Hot Chocolate Bomb Sample Recipe

15 Years of TVAR Solutions

Birthday Cake and Candles Celebrating TVAR Solutions (15 Year Anniversary)

TVAR Solutions was established in January 2006. As of our founding, TVAR has provided commercially available off-the-shelf enterprise computing solutions (both hardware and software). Our primary customers are the United States Federal Government agencies and associated prime contractors.

We are excited to announce that today marks our 15th year in business. We would like to thank our suppliers, partners, customers, and employees for making TVAR Solutions a success. We are looking forward to many more years of streamlining the acquisition of IT products and services for our Federal Government.

Here’s to 15 more years of TVAR Solutions!

The Holidays Keep Getting Cheesier

The holidays just keep getting cheesier, don’t they? This year we sent Cheesemonster Studio boxes to our employees. The victory box was composed of four different artisan cheeses, Brazilian honey, and crisps! Thank you to Kara and her team in DC at Cheesemonster!

Swiss Miss or Cafe Escapes Hot Chocolate?

Adam Fagan and Doug Zellers testing the waters.

During a tough debate on what hot chocolate brand takes the cake, we found ourselves at a divide. Does Swiss Miss make the best hot chocolate? While we were all in agreement Swiss Miss isn’t a gourmet hot chocolate, we wanted to put some flavors to the test. We put two flavors head to head – Cafe Escape’s original Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate options. Unfortunately after many disposable cups were crushed, and words exchanged, our panel couldn’t find a winner. Two of our testers preferred the original milk chocolate, and the other two ranked dark chocolate as king.

There was no tie breaker available. But after all was said and done, we were all in agreement a mixture of the two in one cup was pretty wonderful. Which flavor do you prefer?