Deploy base capacity now. Pay for buffer capacity as you utilize it with Flex on Demand.

Today’s dynamic business environment drives the need for immediate access to available capacity, whenever it is required. Flex on Demand from Dell Financial Services (DFS) allows you to pay only for the technology you need – while providing access to ready buffer capacity – with payments that adjust up or down to match usage. Flex on Demand is available on DellEMC storage solutions as well as Intel-based PowerEdge Servers, Select HCI solutions, and PowerOne CI solutions.**

Flex on Demand, together with Dell Technologies Cloud Platform, improves cloud economics via a consistent hybrid cloud that delivers public cloud agility on-premises, optimizes cloud utilization, and is tailored to suit your business priorities. 

How it works:

    We work with you to establish your projected baseline capacity requirements and the buffer capacity needed to cover peak use. All technology is pre-configured and available on day one.
    Each payment includes the fixed cost of your committed capacity plus the variable cost of buffer capacity, which is measured on a regular basis using automated tools installed with your equipment.
    If usage consistently consumes most of the installed buffer capacity—or none at all—simply amend your committed capacity threshold up or down and all related payments will adjust commensurately.
Dell Flex on Demand Features

Leverage Elastic Capacity

  • Elastic Capacity addresses peak and burst usage
  • Flex on Demand charges for Elastic Capacity when used
  • With on premise and public cloud, you pay for all deployed capacity even when it isn’t used
Elastic Capacity Diagram

Reduce Usage Charge

  • Committed Capacity is adjusted to address your baseline usage
  • Buffer Capacity is adjusted to address peak and burst usage
  • Drive lower costs with higher levels of Committed Capacity and longer usage periods
Reduce Usage Charge Diagram

TVAR Solutions is a proud Dell Technologies Federal Platinum Partner. Interested in Dell Flex on Demand for your federal organization? Contact us.

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